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Casa Cane Corso



Casa Cane Corso is the best breeder I have ever dealt with. I couldn’t be happier with our dog and how professional they have been. They have kept in contact threw it all, asking about how Yukon is and always helping with anything we need along the way. The way they are so helpful with everything and not just there to sell a dog and say “bye thank you” is amazing; you don’t get that everywhere!!! We would recommend to anybody who wants to get the breed but may not know much about it. They are the perfect casa to go with!!!!!!


I have purchased dogs of different breeds from breeders/kennels in the past. Comparatively, this has been hands down the most supportive kennel I have encountered thus far. I brought my Cane Corso girl “Galaxia” home 11/2023 and have had nothing but positive experiences with Brittany & her team. Even just yesterday, months & months later, I asked a question about whether or not I should continue posting her ears. Brittany always responds quickly & with such supportive informative decision assistance. I am always met with a warm response and great information. They are very knowledgeable about the Cane Corso breed. It shines through their heartfelt communication and valuable expertise that this kennel really cares for their clan. I loved my experience & continue to feel the love & support from them. Galaxia is a happy & healthy girl who has been the loveliest addition to our family. Thank you so very much!! XOXO


This was my first time buying from a breeder. Brittany made the experience so fun and easy. I’ve never met someone so passionate about helping people find their next puppy. Brittany spent countless hours answering our questions and educating us about the breed as a whole to make sure this was a right fit for our family. This was all well before we ever paid a dime. It was clear that the owners of casa cane Corso’s first priority were the well-being of the dogs. Brittany has kept in contact with us to this day (8 months later), with any questions comments or concerns. Thank you to Brittany and her dad for the wonderful experience.

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